Free Cowl Knitting Pattern – available for a limited time!


Hi friends,

Remember the Chunky Cable Cowl I posted awhile (okay, more than awhile) ago?  I have made items from this pattern several times since I designed it two years ago, and I always enjoy making it.  It knits up quickly and the result is a soft and cozy cowl that’s perfect for fall and sees you straight through winter.  Now is the perfect time to get a head start on Christmas gifts, and this works up so quickly you’ll be able to knit one for every one of your friends and loved ones (and they’ll thank you, too).  🙂

DPP_0003I want you to enjoy this pattern – and its result – as much as I have! I’ve decided to share this pattern for free for a limited time.  Head over to Ravelry to download your own copy for free!  Simply add the item to your cart and enter the coupon code HAPPYFALL14 at checkout to receive a full discount of the purchase price.  When you’ve completed your project, be sure to come back and share photos with me – I love to see them!

While you’re at Ravelry, be sure to also check out my Moss Stitch Mug Cozy.  Worked with bulkMoss Stitch Mug Cozy - Buttonsy yarn, or two strands or worsted held together, and size 10 needles, this little mug cozy is a very fast knit and is the perfect small gift or stocking stuffer.  It’s a great way to use up scraps from all the other projects you’ve finished this year.  This pattern is easily customizable to the size of mug you prefer and only requires a couple dozen yards of yarn and a couple of your cutest buttons.

Happy knitting!


Hello world, it’s me

So it occurred to me today that I haven’t ever really introduced myself to the blogosphere-at-large.  I mean, I know I have my little “I’m a 20-something yada, yada, yada…” About Me page, but just who am I really?  Good question.

Well, turns out I am a 20-something yada, yada, yada, but I am also more.  I am Shannon.  I’m in my late mid-20s (he he), and I live in the bright and shiny state of Georgia.  (Well, it’s usually bright and shiny.  Today, not so much.  I’m crossing my fingers for tomorrow, though!)  I quit my day job recently (retail – eeeeyuuuuuck) to give my full attention to my Etsy shop, and now my blog.  Creating and designing have always been my greatest passions, and it was time for me to pursue them fully.  I have to say that I am loving every minute of it.

My workday is not the typical workday for your average American.  And I am very grateful for it.  I hate “the grind”, and I hope to never have to go back to it.  I love the freedom to create, to work by my schedule, to share my true talents with others.  I’m not even making any sort of substantial income at this yet, and yet it feels so much more fulfilling that any job I’ve ever held.  I guess that’s because it’s not a job to me – it’s my passion.

I’ll stop before this gets too long and rambly.  I just want to say “hi” to all of you out there, “thanks” to those of you who have welcomed me and who tune in to what I have to share, and “will you be my neighbor?” to those who I have yet to meet.  🙂

Til tomorrow,