Fire up that stove – it’s time to cook!

Fall is finally here, bringing with it all the sights and sounds and smells that are so familiar but bring with it a quiet sense of surprise and joy every year.  At least for me.  It is my favorite season, so maybe I am a bit biased. 🙂

The one thing that those around my neck of the woods can count on every year is that when the weather starts to cool, I start to BAKE!  And cook.  I enjoy both.  But more than anything, I love to bake.  Cakes, cookies, breads, muffins, pies…the list could go on.  And I enjoy eating all of those  just as much as I enjoy making them.

Each cook has their own style, their own way of doing things that works for them.  To me, cooking is an art, and food is part of the creative process.  Cooking is to be enjoyed, and if I am in a state where I can’t enjoy it, I don’t do it.

Thankfully, life has slowed down a bit for me lately, and after a pathetic absence from my kitchen the past few months, I find myself enjoying cooking more again.  I’m making my old tried-and-true recipe favorites, and I’m looking for some new faves to add to that collection.

So, I thought I would ask you all: what are your favorite recipe sources?  Cookbooks?  Websites?  Blogs?  Fill my head with inspiration, and let’s cook together!



3 thoughts on “Fire up that stove – it’s time to cook!

  1. I have that BHG cookbook. It was a wedding gift. There are a lot of great recipes to use as jumping off points in there. I love soup. In fact, I keep thinking that I need to post some of the fantastic soups we’re finally starting to be able to eat [it’s way, way too hot for soup until mid-late October around here]. I pray for rainy days so I can pretend like it’s cold out and eat soup. As far as sources, I like to try out things I see on Pinterest [sadly, they often don’t turn out very well, but they do make good starting points and for the most part can be adjusted to fit the tastes of my family]. I also like and I love looking at cookbooks. Just looking at good food makes me happy.

    • That is so funny, I got that cookbook as a wedding gift as well. I love it – it does have a lot of great recipes in it. I’m making one tonight, actually – Spaghetti Pie. It sounds so weird and almost disgusting but we really enjoy it. I just leave out the green peppers (we aren’t big on green peppers in our Italian-flavored food).

      I think I may try to make your applesauce recipe today. I have quite a few apples that are a bit…ahem…past their prime. But we’ll see if they’ll work!

      • 🙂

        We’ve had that too. It is good.

        There’s one recipe in there that I kept making because it sounds good on paper. It’s disgusting. I finally wrote, “blecht!” next to it and crossed it out so I wouldn’t make it again.

        Hopefully you like the applesauce. I do really like spices. Don’t forget to adjust it if you’re not into spices so much. With that said, my kids love it too, so it must not be too much.

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